Tokyo on rainy days

Spending just over 2 weeks in Tokyo, we did have a few days with boring weather. So we had to find some things to do indoor, and not walk around that much. So here are 3 of the places we went.

Tokyo Trick Art museum: You can easily spend a couple of hours in here, fooling around with a camera. But you want to bring your camera or a your phone, because it is for taking photos. You can walk around and look at paintings and their illusion. This is a place where you interact with everything, and in the beginning you will be introduced to how it all works. After that, you are set loose, to play around with your camera and be creative. You don’t want to be alone, as you want to have someone to take the photo too. The fun part is when you are in them, since that is what they’re made for. It’s a fun place for all ages.

Edo-Tokyo Museum: This museum gives you a glips into Japan’s history. You can get a audio-guide and listen as you walk around. You will hear about life in edo-time, you will see what it looked like, their seasons, some history about the traditional kabuki theater and more. Then you go from Edo time towards Tokyo, where you hear about the history of Tokyo up until what we know it today. There is loads to see and we even experienced a little performance too.

Joypolis: An indoor amusement park with various different rides. In many ways it’s just like any other, and not worth it if you are pressed for time. It’s more for a rainy day where you don’t know what to do. It didn’t seem like many there spoke English, when we were there. When we had to try rides we either got a piece of paper with the safety info on in English, or they simple told us in Japanese. There are some fun rides there. One thing wasn’t really a ride, but we tried it anyway. We got a card with a random name on and went into a table that asked tons of questions in japanese, and you answered by moving your card around on a table. Obviously, we just moved our cards around with no idea what we were doing. After that you went into a booth and had a tiny photoshoot. It ended with you getting a photo, with some kind of rating from your answers.

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