The beauty of Bath – just walk around

Due to a series of unfortunate and fortunate events i ended up back in Bath. Ryanair changed the time of my flight so I wouldn’t make it, and I had to buy a new one. Luckily I have great friends, and ended up staying with Jess and her parents. So I found myself back in Bath.

The entire city of Bath is named a ‘World heritage site’ by UNESCO, and is worth a visit. I spent almost two whole days just walking around and experiencing Bath. Getting almost lost a couple of times, which is of course the best way to explore (as long as you don’t stay lost).



Spend some time walking around and looking at the buildings. Look up and see the details and history in them. Of course this includes seeing the crescents and the circus, which is part of the architectural style that is still present. While the royal crescent is the famous one that tourists see, try to explore and see if you can find others. I went past the Landsdown crescent too, which takes you a bit further up. Bath is like a bowl with the center in the middle, which makes it easy to find your way back. Walking up the edges gives you some view over the city, you can walk up along the edge or take a busride up. I didn’t make it that far. Instead I walked through the Royal Victoria Park and Botanical Gardens in my search of other crescents, since the sun was out.

Explore the many streets of the city, where you can find snippets of the past for you to enjoy. You can find several cafés where you can enjoy high tea. After walking around, it is the perfect way to take a break and enjoy some more of what Bath has to offer. You can go enjoy it at the Pumprooms where you socialized in olden times, or one of the smaller cafés. There’s plenty of places to choose from.



Walking along some of these streets I found a sweetshop, like the time of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It was almost like stepping back in time and a pleasant surprise to stumble upon. It is this ability of Bath to take you back in time without ever leaving you behind, that is part of its charme. Choose some sweets from the big jars behind the counter and enjoy them in the bustle of life outside.

Also take time to just walk along the river (cross pulteney bridge) and enjoy the life along them.


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