Malta on a budget

Back in mid June this year we went to Malta for a week. Here we have put up our budget to give an idea on a 7 day trip could be done for.



Malta is becoming a popular destination, as tickets have become cheaper. Low fare airlines, such as RyanAir, now have flights going there. The islands of Malta in the Mediterranean is starting to become more accessible to budget travelling. Of course, it also depends on when you travel and being able to get those cheap tickets. We spotted the tickets and thought them cheap enough, so the following day we had decided that we would take a trip to Malta. It was a bit of a quick decision, taking advantage of the offer. Sometimes getting the good offers means you have to be willing to make a quick decision and be a bit spontaneous.

Price: 73€ pr person

We bought a 7-day buscard, which allowed us to just jump on and off the regular busses (not the tourist bus) as we wanted. It allowed us to just use the busses to get around to the different attractions that we wanted to. The only thing we didn’t think about properly, was checking the bus when we went to Hagar Qim on a Sunday. So we didn’t time our return properly. So now you can learn from our mistake.

Price: 22 € pr person

We spent part of our trip on Gozo, which we can recommend. You only pay on the return from Gozo to Malta.

Price 9.40€ for 2 adults



Malta is still not the ideal place for budget travelling yet. At least when it comes to accommodation. The number of hostels are limited (what we could find) and the prices of some are higher. In that sense, it still feels dominated by hotels or farmhouses (renting a farmhouse on the island of Gozo especially). When you are travelling cheap and not in a big group, it does limit your options.

We decided to spend the first 5 days of our trip on Malta, staying at Hostel Malti in St. Julians. It has a great location, that you can easily walk to Sliema and get busses to the rest of the island. The rooms all have different themes, we were staying in the SEA room. These themed rooms, which have a wall with a painting and the beds painted to match, does add a great feel to the area. Of course, it’s like any other hostel, where people come and go at different times and also sometimes at night. It’s just part of it.

However, the staff are great at helping as much as they can, so that you get the most out of your stay. They also arrange some events. On our first evening there was a BBQ on the rooftop terrace, which was a great way to also talk to some of the other people staying at the hostel.


Not being able to find a hostel on Gozo that was available, we decided to try out AirBnB (for the first time). Here we ended up staying at Christian’s not far from Victoria, within walking distance of the sights of Victoria. It was located within walking distance of the town center and busses, which made getting around the island easy.

Price: 311€ for 2 persons in total



Since we had access to a kitchen both at the hostel and in Gozo, we chose to just go to the local grocery store and buy some food for breakfast. Otherwise we did allow ourselves to eat out at cafees or restaurants and have a few drinks. We could have bought food and made lunch to bring with us, and saved a bit of money.

Price: 260.41€ for 2persons


Sight seeing

We ended up spending 111€ in total on entrances to different sites and a cruise around the island.


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