London again and again

I love London. It is just one of those cities that I can come back to and find something new and old to see and do.

The first time I went sightseeing, to see the must sees like Big Ben, the London Eye, 10 Downing st. and Tower Bridge. I still like to pass some of the sights, when I go visit.

Every time I’m there I make sure to at least go to one musical. I love musicals and tend to check out for any tickets. I know that I could probably get it cheaper waiting on the day, but then you also take a chance.

I also love the atmosphere at Camden Market, and browsing the many stalls there. Passing through the National History Museum or just walk around Hyde Park people watching or watching the squirrels.

I also love just walking around, which it seems most londoners don’t. At least whenever I’ve asked for directions I always get them in terms of underground stations. In some ways London is probably not as different from other big cities, but I love walking around looking at the older buildings. If you love walks, you should consider going on one of the guided tours. Last time I took an early evening one on Jack the Ripper, which was really interesting. Seeing other parts of London that you wouldn’t necessarily go see otherwise.

If you’re a into Harry Potter like I am, the Warner Brothers Studio is also worth a visit. However, I also got the audio-guide, which was a bit of a waste. There was very little on it, which you couldn’t read or watch while walking around already.


Here are some photos from my last trip to London.

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  1. I was never interested in London, I always imagined it cold and grey but my friend convinced me to go and I discovered one of the most beautiful, dynamic, and incredible cities in the world!

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