Going Disney crazy…!

During the first week, when Masako had arrived in Denmark to stay with us for the year, we had talked about Disney. We’re also great fan of the disney films. So she said that she would take us to Disneyland, if we ever visited her. So as our stay was nearing it’s end, we decided to go.

As we’ve mentioned earlier we are not morning people, but we found ourselves up and ready to leave by 5.15 am. We were going to take the bus from Yokohama to Disneyland. Masako was already gone, having left earlier to stand in queue for the bus. Her uncle were giving us a lift to the bus. We arrived at the busstop and found Masako at the very front, which ensured that we got a seat on the first bus. Unlike busses at home, the bus had so you could clap down a seat in the middle of the bus all the way down. Giving extra seats.



At 7am we arrived at Disneyland, and found to our amasement that there was already long queues along the many entrances. The doors wouldn’t open before 9am, and here we were already! However, it seems the Japanese have planned it all out. It was like they had their Disney gear with them. Disney hats/ears, bags, t-shirts and keysrings with disney. Disney themed mats to sit on and towels. A lot of people also seemed to dress up for it, and some spent the time in the queue on that too. Wearing matching outfits, matching outfits in each their colour, or dressed up with a wig and everything. It was amazing!

The minutes ticked by and suddenly the entrances were open, and everyone pushed their way through. We have been to Disneyland Paris, Universal studios in Singapore, Orlando and LA, and not experienced anything like this. The moment we were through, EVERYONE RAN. All staff seemed to just stand with signs saying not to run and tell people not to. And everyone ran. We refused to run. We haven’t reach that level yet. Checking online and using Masako’s knowledge, we planned which ride to get fast ride tickets for first.

It was a great day. The sun was out and it was really warm. We did rides and had photos with characters. A thing we noticed is that it is not only the main characters that you see walking around, but also some of the lesser famous characters. We saw Cinderella and Pluto, but also the mice from Cinderella and the seven Dwarfs. We ate flavoured popcorn and watched the Easter parade. We didn’t just see Pinocchio, but also Gepeto, Jiminy Cricket, and the two bad guys that trick Pinocchio.

We may not be kids anymore, but we still had a great time. Though we didn’t try all the rides and weren’t too bothered about that. It was just as fun just walking around in the sun and look at everyone. As I say, the Japanese seem to go all out, when they go to Disneyland. When we got tired we left to go to a hotel we had booked for the night in Tokyo.

Next morning we were up early again and ready for the second half of our Disney experience. We were going to DisneySea, which is the only one there exist. Again we were at the entrance a lot earlier than they opened. Today there were a lot less. Rain was drizzling down and it was chilly, and it was back to normal days (the previous day had been Easter monday). Again the doors opened and people still ran. We saw a girl slip and almost fell, but that didn’t stop her running. With so few people in the park and waiting time nothing compared to normal, most fasttrack tickets wasn’t worth it.



If you’ve been to Disneyland somewhere else, you might consider DisneySea instead. It’s a bit different, though we were told it was more for the teens and up, compared to Disneyland. I don’t know if that’s true, they are just different. Both have some very calm rides and also some with a bit speed.

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