Beyond Boston: day trip to Rockport

We took a day trip out to Rockport that is located north of Boston. It’s a little fishing town that now more seems to be an artisan town. Stroll along the main street and you will find little shops, many of them have paintings and other creative things to buy. Take in the fresh air and the atmosphere. There is a relaxed and calm atmosphere there, like no one is in a hurry. A nice break when you’ve been in the big city. We strolled around taking photos of the fishing boats, gazing through the windows of the little shops and enjoyed the fresh air. We went into the shop ‘Fudgery’ to get some fudge for the drive home. In the shop we found out that Rockport is also the location where some of the filming of ‘the Proposal’ took place. Actually showing Sandra Bulluck in the film walk by the shop.



When had lunch at one of the restaurants, before we headed on to Halibut Point State Park to go for a little walk. This was the first weekend where it had started to show signs of spring, after a very cold and snowy winter. We could still see patches of snow that hadn’t melted yet. We went to the lake which still had ice covering most of it, and looked at it and the sea behind it. It is a really lovely view and also rather interesting. Looking at the lake and the sea behind it. Following one of the paths we walked down to the rocks and sat and looked at the sea leaping up the rocks. I did also take a moment to look at the rockpools for any interesting animals, but didn’t find any. It is a really nice place to go for a walk and take in the ocean breeze, if you find yourself in the area.



We ended the day back in Boston with lobster and corn on the cob, as proper New England food. Allowing me to try lobster for the first time. Let me just add, that while it is nice, I don’t know what the fuss is all about. I’ve always heard it hyped up to be this amazing food, but it is not mind-blowing. Though I do see the appeal of having to work for your food and getting the need to break something out of the system.

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