BAD GASTEIN for beginners

We have never really been big ski-holiday people. But this year we both found ourselves invited on skitrips by friends, and coincidentally to the same exact place. Bad Gastein, Austria. The only time we went skiing was when we were 7 and 13 years old respectively, so we were both going as beginners. Michelle went in late January skiing, while I went in the middle/late March snowboarding. Luckily, we were both just outside the peak season, so it was not as expensive. However, by the time I arrived the snow was slowly disappearing.


The great thing about Bad Gastein and the other towns part of the ski-area is getting around. Once you get you skicard, you can use it to get around on the lifts and the busses. There are busses that go to some of the different lifts, to different hotels and the town center. So, it’s easy to get around. If you have a car, you can park the car at the lift in Bad Gastain.


I’m not an expert on ski-sport at all. However, I’ve been told that the green slopes are the easiest. Then blue and red. And black are the most advanced. There’s no green slopes in the Bad Gastein ski-area. We found the best practice slope to be the one at the Ski Center Angertal. It’s not too long or steep, so you can get a chance to feel comfortable on the skis or board. It does have ski schools there and small children, which you should be prepared for. Yet, you won’t feel you’re in the way of more experienced as you sometime do at the practice slope at Stubnerkogelbahn II in Bad Gastein, as one of the other slopes end by the practice slope. Another great thing about the Ski Center Angertal is its location. Several slopes and a few lifts end there, so if you’re a group of people with different skill levels, it’s a good place to be. Everyone can go off on their own and then meet up in the center again.

The blue slopes. Some of the blue slopes are not very easy for beginners. Especially if you’re learning to snowboard. There are great stretches where the slope is completely flat, and you won’t be able to get enough speed as a beginner. So you will end up having to take of the board and walk bits. It also means that it is harder getting up on the board again, as there is hardly any slope.


We both stayed in apartments with kitchens, so we made our own meal mainly. However, if you feel like having lunch on the slopes, try to go for some of those that are not right by the bottom. At Ski Center Angertal, we found a place at the end of one of the black slopes. It is possible to walk along the slope up the little stretch. The food and prices are pretty much what to be expected in a place that is so heavily influenced by skiing in the winter season.


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