A little tale: Our Easterday in Japan

While we were in Japan, Easter arrived. If we had been at home with our parents, we would have gotten up and hunter chocolate eggs (no, we are not too old for that) and then spend the day together. Since Easter is a christian tradition, we weren’t sure what to expect when we were in Japan. Masako (our japanese sister) and her mother are both christian, so they were going to their local church. We said we’d come along out of curiosity. We signed our name in a book and went in and sat down. Of course the whole things was in Japanese that we didn’t understand, but the priest had been kind enough to borrow us an English copy of the bible. Then we could always look through and see if we could figure out where we were.

Then the priest suddenly said a name and someone stood up and everyone else clapped their hands. This happened a second time, and I quietly asked Masako what it was about. Apparently these were new people coming for the first time, and this was how they were introduced and greeted. And then we heard something that sounded very much like an attempt at saying our names and we got up too.

Afterwards everyone went downstairs where they were going to have lunch together. Luckily, we by then, had gotten use to eat rice with chopsticks. The priest wanted to know about why we were here, and with help from Masako we explained. At the end of the meal, before we left, the priest said a last blessing. We caught a few words, enough to guess that us and our travels had been mentioned. Something Masako confirmed. That was definitely a first; having the rest of our travels blessed.

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