7 gift ideas for xmas

Here is a list of gift ideas for the traveler you know. Some are definitely on my list.



1 – Instax mini 8 camera

These have become very popular and every time I see them and consider getting one. They are great for when you’re creating scrapbooks along the journey. The photos are a good size to add to your journal and who doesn’t like to see the photo on paper straight away.



2 – Camera strap

I way to make your camera a little more personal, is by getting your own camera strap and not the standard strap. It looks great and makes it easy to recognize your camera. These can also be made DIY, if you want to do that.



3 – Camera bag

Make sure that you protect your camera, and do it with style. Having a bag that doesn’t scream camera-bag can also be handy when travelling when it comes to pick-pocketing.



4 – Hidden pocket scarf

Another great travel item to protect your belongings, is a hidden pocket scarf. These scarfs have a hidden pocket where you can hide your important belongings, and no one will get to them without you noticing. I have also seen DIY versions of these, that look great.



5 – Packing cubes

These little cubes can come in very handy, when you are trying to find things in your bag. Keep your socks together, or use one for your laundry.



6 – Scractch map

A great way to keep track of where you’ve been. Having it hanging around also comes handy when discussing the location of somewhere with guests you have visiting.



7 – Journal

Having a journal is a great way to scribbled down all those memories and moments that you have along the way. Whether you write or draw, there is a journal. I really like this leather bound journal with a nautical theme.

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