2013 Interrail; planning

So I’ve finally sat down and started going through my photos. If you ask my family I take waaay too many photos on just a single walk. Anyway, at the same time my sister has been going through some of her stuff and stumbled over travel notes and maps. So it feels like the right time to tell about some of our journeys. For now I will start with our interrail during summer 2013.

First of, we talked about interrailing for some years, but I said it would be more fun when she was 18 and we wouldn’t have to think about age restriction. So when we started talking about where we wanted to go, we agreed to go somewhere that we would probably never be going with our parents. Our minds turned towards south-east Europe. Going over the time we had and where to go, we ended up with Bratislava (Slovakia), Belgrade (Serbia), and Budapest (Hungary). This was also due to the fact that we were going to Prague with our parents first, to visit our “brother”. He did an exchange year, where he lived with us and went to the same school as my sister.

We spent just around 2 weeks travelling on our own. We ended up not buying interrail tickets, but just buying them single and picked them up in Prague. This turned out to be cheaper than interrail tickets. So do remember to check various options when you plan your trip. What is cheapest depend on where, when etc. We hadn’t booked our trip home in advance, but ended up booking a ryanair flight home a few days before we left. We managed to keep our transport costs under 2000 DKKR (around 268 €) per person, and about the same was used on everything else.

So my coming posts will be about my experiences in Bratislava, Belgrade, and Budapest. And if I need to persuade you a little bit; it will include a shared bathroom door that can’t close, two new arrivals during the night, and staying in a strangers house alone.

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    1. It’s definitely a good bonding experience. But having the same philosophy to travelling made it easier 🙂

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