2013 Interrail: Budapest

We took the night train and luckily Budapest was the last stop, so we could doze off a little. We arrived in Budapest at around 6 in the morning and didn’t know where we were going to stay. We still hadn’t found a place and were still waiting for replies from the couchsurf community. We weren’t too concerned about this. We found a McDonald’s, since it was the only place we could find open, to get breakfast and free internet. This is one of the good thing about McDonald’s. You almost always get free WiFi there. After having written to some more on couchsurfing.com we decided to go to a park to hang out.

The weather was nice and we found a spot to relax. Using my backpack to lean against I sat and read my book. My sister who had slept less than me on the train took out her sleeping bag and napped. Yes, people did look a little at us, but then that’s alright. Later in the day we went back to McDonald’s to see if we’ve had any replies. Someone had given us a recommendation earlier for someone who might have space. Luckily there was a positive answer when we checked. Before we got sorted out where we had to go and leave, it was already 6 in the evening.

We spent the next few days exploring Budapest, our host showing us around when he had time. We were still looking for somewhere to stay, since he was going away before our stay ended. So we were still looking the day before he had to leave, and had had no luck yet. In the end he offered us to stay, probably because he thought we were alright and he had felt comfortable enough giving us our own key. I won’t pretend I know what I thought, but we were grateful. So we spent the last days there, before we had to go back home. We had ended up just getting a plane ticket, since this turned out to be cheaper.

We made it home many experiences richer, and some stories to tell in the baggage too.

Sights we saw:

  • St. Stephens basilica
  • Chain bridge: Was actually constructed in the UK and then shipped in sections.
  • Parliament building
  • Fisherman’s bastion: A beautiful spot and definitely worth going.
  • Matthias church
  • Buda castle: Is now the location of fx. the National Gallery.
  • Liberty statue: In memory of those who fought for independence.
  • Vajdahunyad castle (City Park): Part of the Millennial Exhibition and features parts of several landmark buildings.
  • Hero’s square: featuring important national leaders
  • Margaret island
  • Gül Baba

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