10 Places to See in Denmark

Is it your first time to Denmark or are you just looking for inspiration to what to see on your next trip to Denmark? Then here are some recommendations. Though we have travelled to many places, we have also been tourists around Denmark too. These are in no particular order, and definitely not the only thing to do in Denmark. There are also many museum of various kinds (castles, vikingships, art) to see. This is just a selection of places I’ve been, I think is worth a visit. Some because they are beautiful, some because they are different and so on.

1# Grenen

A little further north from Skagen, you will find Grenen. Grenen is the northern tip of Jutland, and is almost a sandy beach that goes into a tip. In the summer months you often find many people there. You can take a little tractor train out to the tip, if you don’t feel like walking the distance. What makes this area special is that two seas, Skagerrak and Kattegat, meet. So you can stand in two seas at ones, and you can see them meet at the middle. While people do go into the sea, it is not an area you generally go to for a day at the beach.

2# Little mermaid

If you know the fairytale of the little mermaid, you have probably heard the name of H. C. Andersen. He was a Danish writer who wrote many fairy tales. One of his famous stories is about the little mermaid, and you can find a statue of her sitting on a stone in the water in Copenhagen. Well all is said, it is just a statue that is one of ‘the must sees’ when you area in Copenhagen.

3# Tivoli and Tivoli gardens

The second oldest amusement park in the world and visited by many celebrities over the years, since it opened in 1843. If you love rides, you will find one of the oldest running wooden roller coaster in the world, built in 1914 and still running today. Even if you don’t feel like trying any of the rides (which you have to pay for too), it is a lovely place to just walk around the garden. Stay until it gets dark and you will see it lit up by numerous coloured lights, though this is only during Halloween and Christmas season. It is also during Halloween and Christmas that it is decorated according to the season, while the flowers give colour to the place during the summer season.

4# Bornholm

Bornholm is also called ‘the sunshine island’, because it’s said to have more sunshine hours a year than the rest of the country. Rent bikes and cycle around and see the various sites. There’s Hammerhus castle ruins and Bornholm’s round churches to see. If you’re more to nature: go to ‘Ekkodalen’ and hear the echo of your voice; take a walk in ‘Paradisbakkerne’; or go to ‘Helligdomsklipperne’ where you can find wet and dry ‘ovens’, som such as ‘den Sorte Gryde’, you can crawl down in. Or just take a walk in one of the many towns on Bornholm. It is definitely worth a stay.

5# Christiania

A “free town” in Copenhagen, which was once a place of military barracks. It has a somewhat ‘self-governing’ system, and has had a reputation for drugs. However, it is a safe place, where there lives children families as well. It has a creative vibe to the place and a popular place for tourists to visit. Just keep in mind that it is residential, so be respectful. I would also recommend to read a little about it before hand, so you know that no cars are allowed and things like these.

6# The west-coast (Søndervig, Blåvandshuk)

Along the west coast of Jutland, you will find long sandy beaches. If the weather is nice, you can jump into the water. Just be aware. The sea is one of natures forces, and you need to respect it. Not all the areas have lifeguards on duty even during the spring, so it is your responsibility to be smart and stay safe. That said it doesn’t mean you can’t swim, you will see many in the water on warm summer days. Just don’t go out where you can’t touch the bottom, and read the conditions. You will also find bunkers on the coast and beach, left over from the World War II. Even if it’s too cold to swim, it is lovely to take a walk along the beach.

7# The many islands 

Denmark is basically a countries of islands. Some inhabited and some aren’t. You can go visit some of them, such as Samsø, Anholt, Fanø, and Rømø. Some you can drive to and others you need to take a ferry. Many you can go visit as a day trip, if you want to see something different. If you want to spend the day at the beach with friends or kids, you could always go to Rømø. You can drive your car all the way down on the beach, so you don’t have to carry things there. It’s practical since it gives you shelter too.

8# The Sand-Covered Church

South of Skagen you will find a church that is almost buried in sand, from the moving of sand dunes. Located in the middle of the sand dunes, it is a strange and beautiful view to see.

9# Råbjergmile

If the sand-covered church made you want to see some more sand dunes, you should go to Råbjergmile as well. Just make sure that it is not a too windy day, trust me. It’s an area of moving sand dunes that are (like deserts are too), that has not been stabilise by vegetation like other areas along the Danish coast. With the bare sand dunes it looks like a small desert.

10# Silkeborg and the surroundings

In the summer the lakes around Silkeborg will be full of people. Either in rented canoes and kayaks, or taking on of the boat trips to get a different view of the area. You can even take a trip with ‘Hjejlen’ one of the world’s oldest paddle steamers still operational today.  Hjejlen will take you to ‘Himmelbjerget’ directly translated to ‘Sky mountain’. Himmelbjerget is the second highest spot in Denmark (Denmark is a flat country) and many foreigners will laugh when they see “Sky mountain”. Yet it is a nice walk up the hill to the top, where there is a little tower and you can also look out over the lakes.

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