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Hello there,

Welcome to our blog, which will be our online scrapbook of our travels and maybe a few tips we learn along the way. We will try and share our travels and experiences along the way, both together and seperate.

We are two Danish sisters, with some Irish blood running through our veins too. We share a passion for travelling, which we probably got from our family. We have travelled to various places and in different ways. We tend to travel to new places, and like to cross the border to another country at least once a year. Even if it’s just to the neighbouring countries and just for a long weekend.

We’ve travelled to big cities like London, LA, New York City, Cape Town, and Paris. We’ve both lived some months in Africa, and couch-surfed in Belgrade and Budapest. We’ve spent a night hanging out in an airport several times. We’ve travelled in an autocamper (RV) through parts of Australia with our family. So as you can see, we love to travel in all kinds of ways. Even our bucketlist includes places we want to visit and experience around the world.

At the moment: When we are not travelling (we really aren’t travelling that often), Emma is studying her MSc in Biology, while Michelle is starting med. school.

Hope you have a lovely day.

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